DC 24V GRG ATM Parts

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: GRG
Certification: CO
Model Number: YT4.100.208
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: Natural packing or according to customer's requirement
Delivery Time: 1day
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 800pcs in stock
Detail Information
Power Supply: DC 24V±10%,200W(maximum) Condition: Original New And Also Refurbished Original
Product Name: Bundle Banknote Dispenser CDM8240 Used In: GRG ATM H22V H22V H22VL H22N
Weight: Standard Throat:42kg ( Two Cassettes)and The Weight Increases By 11kg For Adding MCBF: 100,000 Cycles
Shipment: DHL Fedex UPS TNT, By Express/by Sea/by Air, By Express/ Air/sea, Express, By Sea After-sales Service Provided: Online Support, Video Technical Support
Environment: Working Temperature:0℃~50℃ And Working Humidity:20%~90%RH Port: Guangzhou
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DC 24V 200W GRG ATM Parts


200W DC 24V GRG ATM Parts

Product Description

YT4.100.208 GRG ATM Parts CDM8240 Dispenser Note Cassette H22V

YT4.100.208 GRG ATM Parts CDM8240 Dispenser Note Cassette H22V

  • Product features
Compliant with financial industrial standard Banknote detection and handling technique Low operation and maintenance cost Friendly maintenance
CDM8240 dispenses banknotes in bundle with a high speed of 7 notes/s . Impact resistant cassettes with large capacity lower the frequency of cash loading . High-grade note detection technology , auto retracting function and banknote serial number recording function (optional) ensure accurate transaction data . All above embody our design concept of high reliability and friendly maintenance, which decrease the cost for operation and maintenance .CDM 8240 will surely meet your application demands .
  • Reliability
Complete detection for worn notes, double
notes and folded notes
Available to banknotes of various materials,whether new or not
Keyed reject bin is fully enclosed for security
  • Low Operation Cost
Cassette with the large capacity of 3000 notes lowers the frequency of cash loading and d aintenance cost
Leading dispensing speed of 7 notes per second meets the demand of fast transaction
Bills not taken within the specified period will be automatically captured by the CDM, which avoids conflicts during transaction
  • Low Maintenance Cost
Less quick-wear parts and longer ser vice life
Solve bill jams in need of no professional tools
  • Product Specifications
Bill Dispensing Bundle widthwise with a speed of 7 notes per second
Banknote Available Material:paper and polymer Length range:110~172mm Width range:55~85mm,Thickness range: 0.06~0.18mm
Cassette Capacity:3000 notes for each cassette Low level detection: 50-250 notes
Reject Bin
Capacity: 100 notes(bundle)+250 notes
Fully enclosed and isolated design with
a security lock
Maintenance Direction Front/ rear access
Communication Interface RS-232 or USB
GRG BANKING ATM parts list
1 YT4.029.020 NOTE FEEDER 34 YT8.401.046 MOD_T_PULLEY_MXL_F_27_08_12
2 YT4.100.208 NOTE CASSETTE 35 S.0100159RS S_T_UPPER_BELT_B97MXL
3 YT4.100.207 R_REJECT_TRAY 36 S.0100161RS S_DR_BELT_UPPER_B73MXL
4 S.0100143RS BD_F2F_TIMING_BELT_80S3M351 37 S.0100162RS S_DR_BELT_UPPER_B101MXL 6mm
5 S.0100147RS BD_T2F_TIMING_BELT_80S3M177 38 S.0100160RS S_CAM_DR_BELT_S3M129 MXL56T X6mm
6 YT2.503.143 PCB_CDM8240_ASSY
(New Version support 6 hopper)
39 YT8.401.030 MOD_GEAR_M08_30_06_04_NEW
7 YT8.401.037 F_PICK_ROLLER_RUBBER 40 YT8.401.041 MOD_GEAR_M1_30_06_08
8 YT8.322.130 F_CR_ROLLER_ASSY 41 YT8.401.042 MOD_GEAR_M1_30_06_04_IDLE
9 YT8.322.114 F_T_ROLLER_1533_06_ASSY 42 YT8.401.040 MOD_T_PULLEY_S3M_22_08_22_MODEL
10 YT8.401.039 MOD_T_PULLEY_S3M_F_22_08_12_NEW 43 YT8.401.045 MOD_T_PULLEY_MXL_F_35_08_12
11 YT8.401.029 MOD_GEAR_M08_20_05_04_NEW 44 YT8.401.042 MOD_T_PULLEY_MXL_F_30_08_12
12 S.0100144RS F_SS_TIMING_BELT_60S3M171 45 S.0070324RS MOD_SENSOR_G310
13 S.0100145RS F_SP_TIMING_BELT_60S3M144 46 S.0070325RS MOD_SENSOR_DIG310D
14 S.0100331RS F_TRANSPORT_BELT_INSIDE_10 SE-N-SMV1 10X235X0.65mm 47 A.RE006RS MOD_SENSOR_U_SG248
16 YT4.853.1080 CDM_NF_PM_CABLE_ASSY 49 S.0170216RS MOD_BEARING_08120350
17 YT4.853.1078 CDM_NF_SENSOR_CABLE 50 S.0170213RS MOD_BEARING_F_051004
18 YT6.336.019 T_DOUBLE_DETECTOR 51 S.0170233RS MOD_BEARING_F_081404
19 YT6.303.013 T_TRANSPORT_RUBBER_ASSY_5 52 S.0170217RS MOD_BEARING_081404
20 YT8.322.123 T_IMPELLER_08 53 S.0170201RS MOD_BEARING_ F_ 061305
21 YT8.071.005 ENCODE_WHEEL_1 54 S.0170215RS MOD_BEARING_06103
22 YT8.610.1181 T_MTT_PVC_BRUSH 55 S.0170248RS MOD_BEARING_F_081605
23 S.0100156RS T_TIMING_BELT_1ST 80S3M726 56 YT2.898.050 MOD_PCB_REED_SWITCH_1_ASSY
24 S.0100157RS T_TIMING_BELT_2ND 80S3M564 57 YT4.853.1077 CDM_LL_ID_CABLE
25   MOD_T_PULLEY_S3M_F_22_08_12_NEW 58 S.0170239RS MOD_BEARING_030905
26 S.0100346RS T_TRANSPORT_INSIDE_1ST_BELT 10*548*0.65mm 59 S.0060114RS C_BOX_SOUTHCO
27 S.0100347RS T_TRANSPORT_OUTSIDE_1ST_BELT 10*367*0.65mm 60 YT4.853.2467 CDM_BND_CABLE-ASSY
28 S.0100348RS T_TRANSPORT_INSIDE_4TH_BELT 10*214*0.65 61 YT4.853.2468 CDM_SND_CABLE_ASSY
29 S.0100349RS T_TRANSPORT_OUTSIDE_2ND_BELT 10*564*0.65 62 S.0100305RS P_LONG_T_BELT_LOWER
30 S.0100350RS T_TRANSPORT_INSIDE_3RD_BELT 10*184*0.65mm 63 S.0100353RS P_LONG_T_BELT_UPPER SE-N-SMV1 10*804*0.65
31 S.0100354RS T_TRANSPORT_INSIDE_2ND_BELT SE-N-SMV1,10*304*0.65mm 64 S.0100158RS P_T_TIMING_BELT
32 YT8.671.059 Anti-Statics
Electroinic brush
65 YT4.853.2052 MOTOR_TG_05IA_SR_28_CN089_ASSY
33 YT4.853.1665 MOD_BL_MOTOR_DRG-6034-001 66 YT8.081.040 GRG banking ATM parts Sankyo Card Reader Control Board
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