1750194799 Wincor Cineo RM3 ATM Parts Chassis 4 Cass Long Preassd

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Germany
Brand Name: wincor Cineo
Certification: CO
Model Number: 1750194799
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: Natural packing or according to customer's requirement
Delivery Time: 1day
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 500pcs in stock
Detail Information
Warranty: 90 Days Condition: Original New/ref Original
Product Name: Cineo WINCOR RM3 Chassis 4 Cass. Long Preassd Used In: WINCOR Cineo Serial (Such As: C4060 C4040)
Material: Plastic+ Metal Other P/N: 1750194799/01750194799
After-sales Service Provided: Online Support, Video Technical Support Weight: 10kg
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01750194799 Plastic Wincor Cineo RM3 ATM Parts


01750194799 1750194799 Wincor Cineo ATM Parts

Product Description

1750194799 Wincor RM3 Cineo ATM Parts Chassis 4 Cass. Long Preassd


  • Impressive innovation 
With its new CINEO system,
Wincor Nixdorf offers yet another best-in-class cash dispenser for use in lobby and outdoor environments.
It offers outstanding performance thanks to two multifunctional areas with numerous options such as
innovative print, passbook, bulk check and coin processing as well as cash and envelope deposits.
15″ monitors, softkey and touch operation, an illuminated card slot, attractive design and customer
guidance guarantee maximumsatisfaction. Optimal component
accessibility and a graphical user interface make CINEO one of
the world‘s most user-friendly cash
dispensing systems. The same applies to serviceability: A broad range of operating information is
delivered automatically, enabling proactive and efficient system management. Dispenser technology
that has proven its worth across the globe, coupled with the cutting edge cassette technology, conspireto create a unique, flexible system
that can be tailored to customers’specific needs. With high component availability throughout and
optimized total cost of ownership,Wincor Nixdorf creates a foundation
for long-term investment protection. The CINEO comes in an ergonomic design that satisfies the
requirements of all user groups.
• Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
• Fingerprint reader
• EMV-ready card reader,
Motorized or DIP
• Contactless card reader
• Barcode scanner 1D/2D
  • Multifunctionality
Cash/Check Deposit Module
▪ Deposit of bundles of up to
50 notes/checks
▪ MICR- and OCR recognition
▪ Metal detection
▪ Banknote validation in compliance
with ECB Article 6
▪ Options: Fit/unfit test
▪ Cassette with lock
▪ Max. fill level per cassette: 215 mm
▪ Separate compartment for
counterfeit notes
▪ Separate compartment for retracts
Passbook module
▪ Passbooks with vertical and horizontal
▪ ZeKoSa reading unit, page-turning
function and last line recognition
▪ Retract and/or deposit compartment
for passbooks and single sheets
  • Product detail 
Items used in WINCOR Cineo C4060,CINEO C4040,CINEO C4080
Machine category CRM
SIZE 13*15*25cm
Security monitoring
Cash removal, portrait and ID card
unit camera
Optical Security Guard (OSG)
Identity and access control
Operator authentication via CrypTA
Operation Environmental conditions Temperature range: +5 °C to +40 °C / Humidity: 5 % to 85 %
Technical details
Supply voltage range:
110 – 120 V; 220 – 240 V
▪ Mains frequency 50/60 Hz
▪ Uninterruptable Power Supply
 ATM Parts in WINCOR RM3 RM3 chassis 4 cass
01750194799 chassis 4 cass. long preassd Wincor Cineo ATM RM3 Parts
01750160389 Chassis 4 Cassettes Long 4+4 Wincor Cineo ATM RM3 Parts
01750184433 chassis 5 cass. long preassd Wincor Cineo ATM RM3 Parts
01750234240 chassis 5 cass. long preassd. (chassis 3 slott + 2 slott)Wincor Cineo ATM RM3 Parts
01750160386 Chassis 4 Cassettes Short 4+4 Wincor Cineo ATM RM3 Parts
01750128450 control bracket left Wincor Cineo ATM RM3 Parts
01750171527 control bracket right assy Wincor Cineo ATM RM3 Parts
01750129961 locking lever cassette AP (RRC3) Wincor Cineo ATM RM3 Parts
01750142126 plug tyco 1982677_1 Wincor Cineo ATM RM3 Parts
01750193136 flat spring AP VS assy Wincor Cineo ATM RM3 Parts
01750194131 solenoid Wincor Cineo ATM RM3 Parts
01750176173 idler gear z51m2_HVZ-z82_HTD-3_assy Wincor Cineo ATM RM3 Parts
01750176171 B-idler gear z23 assy (incl. bearing) Wincor Cineo ATM RM3 Parts
01750179181 locking lever cassette Wincor Cineo ATM RM3 Parts
03540200628 COMPRESSION SPRING (Druckfeder locking leverchassis kurz)Wincor Cineo ATM RM3 Parts
04905000728 Tension spring:1;6,3;35,4 (Kassettenandruck) Wincor Cineo ATM RM3 Parts
06632107533 OPT-PHOTO-INTERRPTR GP1A71A N#SNAP-IN OP (CHn_DPSx)Wincor Cineo ATM RM3 Parts
01750168286 photointerrupter clip Wincor Cineo ATM RM3 Parts
01750157547 spring -loaded (security switch incl. locking)Wincor Cineo ATM RM3 Parts
01750197224 VS-modul_connectoradapter_assy_III Wincor Cineo ATM RM3 Parts
01750156593 completion connector CAN-BUS Wincor Cineo ATM RM3 Parts
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1750194799 Wincor Cineo RM3 ATM Parts Chassis 4 Cass Long Preassd 0

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