NCR Thermal Receipt Printer Belt

Basic Information
Place of Origin: USA
Brand Name: NCR
Certification: CO
Model Number: 445-0646307
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: Natural packing or according to customer's requirement
Delivery Time: 1day
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 800pcs in stock
Detail Information
Warranty: 90days /3months Or More Brand: NCR Selfserv / Personas
Material: Rubber Original/generic OEM Stock Status: 1000pcs
Trade Term: EXW/FOB Only Payment: T/T WU Credit
Product Name: NCR Receipt Printer Belts Used In ATM: NCR 5886/5877/6622/6625 Selfserv ATM
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NCR Thermal Receipt Printer Belt


NCR Selferv Printer Belt

Product Description

9980879553 NCR Parts Thermal Receipt Printer Belt Factory Offer

9980879553 NCR Parts Thermal Receipt Printer Belt Factory Offer

  • Specification of ATM belt
1.Belt has good elasticity. it can ease the impact and vibration during working, smooth movement without noise.
2.When the load is too large, the belt slips on the wheel, so it can prevent the damage of other parts and play a safe protection role.
3.The belt is an intermediate part. It can be selected in a certain range according to the needs of the length, in order to adapt to the large center distance requirements of the working conditions.
4.Simple structure, easy to manufacture, convenient installation and maintenance, low cost.
  • NCR ATM Personas86 / 5886 installing 

Sealing The Hole In The Wall Against Cold And Water 1 To ensure that the temperature around the ATM is maintained during cold weather, it is important that the wall opening is prepared correctly. Any cavity in the wall should not extend into the wall opening, but sealed to provide a flush surface. The gap between the ATM sleeve and the wall opening should be left clear to allow air at room temperature to circulate. To enable a good weather seal to be made between the wall and the ATM facia, a 25 mm (1 in.) wide smooth surface is required around the periphery of the wall opening.The following illustrations show a plan of the base of the ATM (viewed from above) and its relationship with the exterior wall. If a plinth is used it must be no smaller than the base of the ATM and it must be constructed of a material, and in such a way, that it is capable of supporting the weight of the ATM (see page 1-51). Definition: A “plinth” is a platform on to which the ATM is bolted. This plinth enables the ATM to be installed at the required height through the wall.


  • Specifications INFO
NCR ATM Presenter parts list
1 445-0676832 NCR presenter 6625 NCR selfserv25
2 445-0714197 NCR presenter 6622 NCR selfserv22
3 445-0647862 5877 CURRENCY-PRESENTER F/A 115V NCR P77 NCR Personas 77
4 445-0653279&
5 445-0712897 NCR SelfServ R/A Presenter Assy (Short)
6 445-0643763 NCR ATM parts ASSY-SHAFT ENTRY
7 445-0672549 NCR ATM parts Purge Shaft-Upper Assembly
8 445-0672121 NCR ATM parts Assy Purge Shaft Kit
9 445-0663266 NCR ATM parts Personas 86 5886 Flicker Shaft
10 445-0663150 NCR ATM parts Stub Shaft-Flicker
11 445-0643779 NCR ATM parts Pulley Shaft Assy
12 445-0672123 NCR ATM parts Assy Drive Shaft (Timing Disc)
13 445-0672124 NCR ATM parts Assy-Drive Shaft
14 445-0645641 NCR ATM parts Timing Disc
15 445-0602916 NCR ATM parts SHAFT-TENSION ASSY
16 445-0602916 NCR ATM parts ROLL-TENSION ASSY
17 445-0643758 NCR ATM parts Assy,Toggle Shaft
18 445-0610618 NCR ATM parts Purge Bin Latch
19 445-0612449 NCR ATM parts FILTER-ASSEMBLY
20 445-0663062 NCR ATM parts ROLLER Guide
21 445-0693044 NCR ATM parts MOTOR-PRESENTER
22 009-0017048 NCR ATM partsCLAMP MOTOR
23 445-0656293 NCR ATM parts Guide Purge L/H
24 445-0677276 NCR ATM parts NOTE CLAMP
26 445-0665043 NCR ATM parts DEFLECTOR
27 445-0663270 NCR ATM parts ANTI-STATIC BRUSH (TOP)
28 445-0663271 NCR ATM parts ANTI-STATIC BRUSH (TOP)
29 445-0663272 NCR ATM parts ANTI-STATIC BRUSH (TOP)
30 445-0668274 NCR ATM parts Dual Cam Timing Shaft
31 009-0007773 NCR ATM parts Retaining Ring-Crescent , 0090007773
32 445-0645638 NCR ATM parts GEAR-RETAINER
33 445-0642551 NCR ATM parts Guide Exit , 4450642551
34 445-0672539 NCR ATM parts GUIDE - PURGE CENTRAL
35 009-0002617 NCR ATM parts Switch,Snap Action
36 009-0019028 NCR ATM parts Switch-Snap Action-Panel Mounting
37 445-0656292 NCR ATM parts GUIDE-PURGE R/H
39 445-0689620 NCR ATM parts LVDT SENSOR ASSY
40 777-0010193 NCR ATM parts Reference Shaft Guide
41 445-0676833 NCR ATM parts UIDE EXIT UPPER LH
42 445-0676834 NCR ATM parts UIDE EXIT UPPER RH
43 445-0676835 NCR ATM parts Guide Exit Lower LH
44 445-0676836 NCR ATM parts Guide Exit Lower RH
45 445-0663299 NCR ATM parts PADDLE WHEEL
46 009-0010013 NCR ATM parts MAIN TIMING SENSOR
47 009-0016583 NCR ATM parts OPB 11228&E SENSOR
48 009-0016584 NCR ATM parts SENSOR RECIVER
50 445-0677635 NCR ATM parts Flexible Insert Exit Guide
51 445-0672540 NCR ATM parts Guide-Purge
52 445-0677476 NCR ATM parts Bill Alignment
53 445-0672126 NCR ATM parts Guide-Bunch Sweep
54 445-0654947 NCR ATM parts Clip , Anti-Static Brush
55 445-0676924 NCR ATM parts Spring-Extension (Note Stack)
56 445-0676635 NCR ATM parts Guide-Note Stack
57 445-0657077 NCR ATM parts Plate Retainer
58 445-0714197-6 NCR ATM parts Plastic Rail , Bill Alignment
59 445-0618501 NCR ATM parts Handwheel
60 445-0611796 NCR ATM parts Vacuum Reservior
61 445-0689620-1 bearing
62 445-0689620-2 NCR ATM parts LVDT BEARING
63 445-0647678 NCR ATM parts Assy. Shaft Line #2
64 445-0644404 NCR ATM parts EXIT GUIDE CONTROL
65 445-0677955 NCR ATM parts Personas 77 / 5877 presenter line
66 445-0709417 NCR ATM partsTransport Drum Shaft NID Presenter
67 445-0643114 NCR ATM parts Stepper Motor Assy
68 445-0709475 Shaft Line LVDT shaft
69 445-0709421 NCR ATM parts Personas 87 / 5887 presenter 5 ring shaft
70 445-0714197-80 NCR ATM parts ROLL Soft Rubber Honeycomb
71 445-0645503 NCR ATM parts BOX-ELECTRONIC (230V)
72 445-0709417 NCR Parts TRANSPORT DRUM SHAFT Belt 1802199479
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