7310000702 Hyosung ATM Parts HCDU Reject Cassette Bin Money Box

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Korea
Brand Name: Nautilus Hyosung
Certification: CO
Model Number: 7310000702 / 7430001021
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: Natural packing or according to customer's requirement
Delivery Time: 1day
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1500pcs in stock
Detail Information
Condition: Original New / Refurbished Original Product Name: HCDU Black Reject Bin Money Cash Out Box
Used In: HYOSUNG ATM MX 7600T, MX 5600, MX 7600DR, MX 7800I, MX 5600T Material: Plastic+ Metal+Flex
Stock Status: 520pcs In Stock Shipment: DHL Fedex UPS TNT, By Air/ Express, By Sea
After-sales Service Provided: Online Support, Video Technical Support Weight: 3kg,packing Dimension :30*43*32cm
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7310000702 Hyosung ATM Parts


HCDU Reject Cassette Hyosung ATM Parts

Product Description

S7310000702 Hyosung ATM Parts HCDU Reject Cassette Bin Money Box

S7310000702 Hyosung ATM Parts HCDU Reject Cassette Bin Money Box

  • Reject bin is used in MX7600t, Below is ATM MX7600T info :

​Maximum Flexibility is the hallmark of the Nautilus Hyosung 7600T. Options for safe door swing - left or right, solve difficult installation challenges. Options for deposit processing technologies allow your institution to custom tailor solutions to cardholder preferences. Security options that enable you to rest assured - all in a very functional, high capacity device. Features Market Strength Capabilities The 7600T supports a full range of personalization, advertising, and marketing options as well as end to end deposit automation implementations. An attention grabbing 15.1” color TFT supports these functions. As with all Nautilus Hyosung platforms, the modules are designed, engineered, manufactured and tested in house with 24/7 unattended self-service functionality as their design goal. This means the 7600T is reliable as it is functional - with a migration path for institutions with vision. Security The 7600T’s UL-291 Level 1 rated safe has been proven in the field time and again. Additional standard features like the safe door seam lip cover and an option to hinge the safe door on the left or right mean you need not sacrifice security for convenience. Certified keyboards give you the ability to comply with PCI EPP requirements, and optional security cameras for both surveillance and cash withdrawal areas allow you to protect both your customers and your cash assets at the ATM. Optional software and transactional security features are available. Dependability Reliability derived from being the market leader in cash dispensing technology, and availability provided by high capacity modules, the 7600T is the ideal self-service platform for weather facing exterior walk up deployments. Monimax 7600T is designed with “customerization” in mind. The most deployment options, the fullest feature / function options in a robust secure platform. The 7600T enabling efficient service events enhanced by access by design, and quick deployments enabled by platform flexibility. All in one highly secure, reliable platform.

    ROW1 PARTNUMBER Description ROW2 PARTNUMBER Description
    1 7760000068 PCBA:CST_PP:CDU10 43 S7307000094 UP_KIT: SUB_ASSY:MOLD_ENT
    2 7710000023 PCBA:BDM SUB BD 44 S7307000267 UP_KIT:SUB_ASSY:UNIT_BNA_BUNDL
    3 S7760000054 UP-KIT:UNIT:BRM:ASSY.TE 45 S7307000263 UP_KIT:SUB_ASSY:REJECT_BNA
    4 47042701 KEY-ASSY:V-BRM 46 3281000244 CABLE_ASSY:UNIT_POS_SW:BNA
    5 S7430001446 UP_KIT:SUB-ASSY:UNIT:BRM20-BMU 47 2168000030 SENSOR:RPU8702CP_OKAYA
    6 S7430001447 UP_KIT:SUB_ASSY:UNIT:BRM20_BMD 48 2168000051 KIS_9002C_TR:C_RAN NK:YELLOW
    7 S5611000195 UP_KIT:PCBA:M170EG01:17INCH:CCFL:AUO 49 3281000243 CABLE_ASSY:BOX_POS_SW:BNA
    8 7430000809 UP_KIT:SUB_ASSY:REEL_UPPER_TAPE 50 2168000053 KIS_9002C_TR:C_RAN NK:RED
    9 7430000805 UP_KIT:SUB_ASSY:REEL_LOWER_TAPE 51 4420000065 PLATE_MOLD:OPEN_BNA
    10 7000000226 UP_KIT:UNIT:BILL CHECKER (B CU24) 52 4370000784 K-ASSY_MOLD:UCM_COVER:MX-7600
    11 5611000125 UP_KIT:PCBA:NCM-V05F-2:USB CAM 53 2168000055 KIS_9002C_TR:A_RANK:WHITE
    12 7760000093 UP_KIT:PCBA:BRM20 RBU B/D 54 2168000052 KIS_9001C_LED:B_RANK:RED
    13 5659000024 T/S:TOUCH PANEL:T101IS-5RB001X:HIGGSTEC 55 4933000114 WINDOW_ACRYL:MIRROR_SIDE:MX-7600
    15 S4350000597 GEAR:OD28ID06_KNOB 57 7111000011 UNIT:P/L:HPS500-ACDB:MX-7600T
    16 S4251000004 SHAFT:GATE_BLADE_DEG20_CST 58 4370000678 K-ASSY_MOLD:COVER-BARCODE:MX-7600T IR
    17 S4360000706 GUIDE:GATE_BLADE_DE20_BC_2 59 4370001121 UP-KIT:SUB-ASSY:REEL1
    18 S4360000726 GUIDE:GATE_BLADE_DEG20_UTB_D 60 4370001122 UP-KIT:SUB-ASSY:REEL2
    19 S4360000727 GUIDE:GATE_BLADE_DEG20_UTB_U 61 3281000248 CABLE ASSY:BNA BC ENCODER
    20 S4360000728 GUIDE:GATE_BLADE_3WAY 62 5637000009 MICRO CLUTCH:BL-2.5-198
    21 S7760000092 PCBA:BRM20 MAIN B/D 63 4240000020 KEY SET ASSY:1 SET/ I KEY
    22 S7760000094 PCBA:BRM20 CSM B/D 64 7307000184 SUB_ASSY:RT_CASSETTE
    23 S4380000032 KNOB:MOLD_KNOB_BRM20 65 7020000025 UP_KIT:UNIT:K-SPR8
    24 S7660000015 PCBA:HBRM ID 66 7111000012 UP_KIT:UNIT:DC/DC:HPS200-FCE(TG):MX-7600
    25 S4430000404 PULLEY:CLUTCH_KNOB 67 7307000026 UP_KIT:ASSY:DRIVE MODULE 01
    26 S7760000095 PCBA:BRM20 RC B/D 68 7090000208 UP_KIT:UNIT:CE:MX-7600T:L440:N
    27 S7000000183 UNIT:BRM20_UNIT_CSM 69 7307000209 UP_KIT:SUB_ASSY:MULTI_CURRENCY
    28 S2168000050 KIS-9001C_LED:C_RANK:YELLOW 70 7307000222 UP_KIT:SUB_ASSY:ESCROW
    29 S2168000054 KIS-9001C_LED:A_RANK:WHITE 71 4930000052 RAIL:CEB560(26-37):DRIVE-UP
    30 S2168000068 OJ-461-N23 ( KIT 5039C ) 72 5611000118 PCBA:TG_PC:MAINBOARD:ECS_EG31M
    31 S2168000077 SENSOR_DD_KIS-9010C_LED 73 7760000054 PCBA:BNA_ MAIN
    32 S2168000078 SENSOR_DD_KIS-9011C_DIODE 74 7900000929 UP-KIT:SUB:MOTOR 23KM 03
    33 S32127902 CABLE_ASSY:DOOR_SENSOR:GIRO 75 7900000927 UP-KIT:ASSY:MOTOR 23KM 01
    34 S7760000098 PCBA:BRM20_Shutter 76 7900000928 UP-KIT.ASSY:MOTOR 23KM 02
    35 S7200000890 UP_KIT:SUB_ASSY:COLLAR_WING:MX87000T_NG 77 7900000930 UP_KIT:ASSY:MOTOR ESCROW
    36 S4380000031 KNOB:MOLD_D45X7H_BMD 78 7900000931 UP_KITT:SUB-ASSY:CLUTCH-HS1130
    37 S7490000022 PCBA:DUAL_USB-HUB:FULL SPEED 79 7900000932 UP_KIT:ASSY:SOL-GATE-5
    38 7710000023 PCBA:BDM Sub B/D 80 7900000933 UP-KIT:ASSY:SOL-GATE
    40 3266000214 CABLE_ASSY_SHU:MOD SWITCH:MCD-10 82 S2101000165 NEC 4 PORT USB HUB
    41 S7307000061 DRIVE MODULE 02 83 S3266002121 CABLE_ASSY_SYS:MODE SWITCH 1/
    42 3205000027 CABLE_ASSY_CDU:1,2CST SENSOR 1/F 84 S45100508 BEARING:L-136022
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TS TECH (HONG KONG) CO.,LTD founded in 2003 in China,is a leading professional supplier of ATM modules and spares, and help hundreds of customers from around the world to source their NCR, Wincor,Diebold,hyosung,GRG parts.

TS TECH (HONG KONG) CO.,LTD has a professional sales and technical team.Most of our sales have more than 10years experience in ATM industry.Our sales know exactly what machine are used in each Market. They are also experienced in importing&exporting from each country.

It can save your communication times.

Our technical team consists of four members. We have top technicians for every brand.As all of them have years of working experience in manufacturers such as wincor diebold NCR hyosung.They can give you technical support.

We are a direct manufacturer in atm spare parts.our factory located in Guangzhou.TS  also have good relationships with original manufacturer.we can get new original parts from manufacturer.

I trust TS  can give you good support!

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