4P008867-001 Diebold ATM Parts Hitachi LF Workers Tooth ( 19T ) ECRM

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Japan
Brand Name: Diebold / HITACHI
Certification: CO
Model Number: 4P008867-001
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: Natural packing or according to customer's requirement
Delivery Time: 1day
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 800pcs in stock
Detail Information
Warranty: 3months/90days Condition: Generic New
Product Name: Diebold LF Workers Tooth(19T) ECRM Used In: DIEBOLD HITACHI Module
Material: PLASTIC Shipment: DHL Fedex UPS TNT, By Express/by Sea/by Air, By Express/ Air/sea, Express, By Sea
After-sales Service Provided: Online Support, Video Technical Support Weight: 0.012kg
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4P008867-001 Diebold ATM Parts


19 Tooth Diebold ATM Parts


Hitachi Module Diebold ATM Parts

Product Description

4P008867-001 Diebold ATM Parts Hitachi LF Workers Tooth(19T) ECRM

4P008867-001 Diebold ATM Parts Hitachi LF Workers Tooth(19T) ECRM

  • Diebold Opteva® 378
Your Peace of Mind is Priceless For the highest level of reliability and continuous accessibility of your ATM channel, put your trust in a proven leader. Diebold technology operates easily, profitably and securely, so your channel runs as efficiently as possible. Our self-service solutions provide maximum durability for high return on your investment. Opteva 378 ATM Features Architecture: • Highly reliable and market-proven recycling technology • Compact lobby design with up to five cassettes for maximum denomination support and cash capacity • Fully RoHS compliant • Fully compliant with European Central Bank “Article 6” requirements • Designed to meet international accessibility guidelines • Serial number recognition* Enhanced Security: • Features include fraud-resistive card reader, consumer awareness mirrors, encrypted PIN pad, security camera, lock options and duress alarm • Optional biometric finger-vein technology*Display Options: • 15.1-inch color consumer LCD display • Indoor and outdoor touch-screen options with or without function keys • Optional sunlight viewable and privacy filter Enhanced Operator Interface: • Complete analysis of the ATM, as well as a variety of diagnostics and other service benefits provided via a 10.4-inch color LCD rear monitor • An adjustable alphanumeric keyboard and integrated pointing device streamline service • Optional barcode readers Cash Capacity: • Up to 10,800-note recycling capacity • Deposits of up to 13,100 new notes in a five-cassette configuration • High-speed transactions Cassettes: • Up to four dedicated, locking dispense or recycling cassettes (fifth cassette reserved for mix of deposit and reject/ dispense retracts) • Each recycling cassette has a capacity of up to 2,700 new notes • User interface accepts up to 200 notes at one time • Holds up to 200 notes in escrow
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31 7P0Il710 wCS-F.MT .BRKT ASSY 1 4P003595 WUF -P/R SPG
32 7P0I17ll wcS- 3MT.BRKT ASSY 2 7P006518 wuF -P/R SHAFT
33 SP 306L wcs-FRNT.BRKT ASSY 3 7P01560 HT-3842-ET1 MATOME
34 SP312L wcS-SEN covER 4 2P006445 WET-T1-FINAL ASSY
36 45000o i wCS-6K STUD 6 4P003589 WET -SUP - 1BASE
37 45000o l wCS-6K2STUDL 7 7P020989 WET-SPT-1 SHAFT
38 Sc408 -SCREW 8 2P006445 WET-T1-FINAL ASSY
40 4P007365 wZ-M7P .CBL ASSY 10 2P006443 WET-T1-F .FR ASSY
41 4P007366 WZ-M6P.CBL ASSY 11 4P010878 WET-T1 -DRV.SH ASSY
42 4P007367 wZ-MI2P.CBL ASSY 12 7P016522 WET-IDL.G ASSY
43 2P004454 WUF -B/R-R.GUl ASSY 13 2P006429 WET-LR GUIDE
44 IPO04018 WUF -B-ROLR GUIDE 14 2P006428 WET-UR GUIDE
45 7P006l20 WBM-PRISM MOLDWBM-B/R.C 15 7P006463 WZ-Z22.DRV G
46 7P011614 SHAFTNRB-B/R ROLR 16 2P005470 WET-T1-R FRAME
47 4P008998 WBM-B/R.SH CLIP 17 7PO12930 WET-T1-U.LK BRKT
48 2P004455 WUF -BLT.GUID ASSY 18 7P012929 WET-U.LOCK PIN
49 4P007382 wUF -S003-CBL ASSY 19 7P012927 WET-T1 L.LK P IN
50 2PO04456 WUF -KAIHEI.G ASSY 20 7P012920 WET-T1 FRM.SUP PIN
51 2P003973 WUF-CS9FRAME 21 7PO20991 WET-T1-lDL SPG
52 7PO10385 WUF -SP6.R ASSY 22 2P006443 WET-T1-F .FR ASSY
53 7P006552 R-NMB BRG 23 2P005469 WET-T1-F FRAME
54 2P004465 wWuF -CS-3 GATE 24 7P016636 WET-T1-P.ROL ASSY
55 2P004430 WuF -CS-2 GATE 25 4P010897 WET-T1-P.ROL BRKT
56 2P004429 wWUF -CS-l GATE 26 7P012923 WET-T1-P.ROL SHAFT
57 4P005069 wUF -U/L-6ATE SHAFT 27 2P006426 WET-UF GUIDE
58 4P008930 WUF-GATE.S ASSY 28 2P006427 WET-LF GUIDE
59 7P011647 WUF -FL.GUIDE SPG 29 7P016580 WET-T1-S.GUIDE PIN
60 4P008132 WUF -S1.S3 BRKT 30 7P012974 WET-K.GUIDE PIN
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4P008867-001 Diebold ATM Parts Hitachi LF Workers Tooth ( 19T ) ECRM 04P008867-001 Diebold ATM Parts Hitachi LF Workers Tooth ( 19T ) ECRM 1

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